Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures

Walkers – Students will be dismissed at 3:10.  They will exit out of the gym doors and walk down the sidewalk to the crossing guard.  She will then cross them in a group to travel south down Northfield Rd. or to walk over to the Crescent where another crossing guard will cross them over Northfield Rd.  The children heading north on Northfield should follow along the school sidewalk and proceed in that direction.

*If you have a bicycle on school grounds, you must walk it and follow the above procedures.

Bus Riders
 – Students riding the first set of buses will be dismissed at 3:10.  They will exit the front doors to board their assigned bus.  If their bus has not arrived, they will be instructed to stand in line to wait for their bus. Students who ride the second set of buses will be dismissed to the gym at 3:12.  They will sit with their bus line until called to walk to the front of the school for dismissal.

Drop Off
-  Parents may pull up on Northfield for a quick drop off.  This means that parents do not park.  Students exit the car on the sidewalk side and not into the street.  Traffic needs to flow so please help us by making this a quick drop off.  Do not stop in the crosswalk on Northfield Road. Parents also have the option of pulling into the side lot where staff members park.  There may be some available spots.  Please assist your student with crossing the lot.  Parents may also enter the parking lot for a quick drop off.  Parents should drive all the way into the back turn around, follow that around towards the exit and drop off their child before the crosswalk.  This should be a quick drop off as well.  Students exit the car on the sidewalk side and not into the lot.

Pick Up
-  Parents will be entering the side lot to travel around the school to the pick-uparea.  We ask that parents do not begin entering the lot until 3:05.  We cannot let parents into the lot sooner than that.  You will meet with a staff member by the back firelane. You will have to stay in line until 3:10.  The staff member will instruct you to form two alternating lines.  At that time, he/she will instruct you to proceed slowly around the building.  Each family will need to write the last name of the student(s) on a piece of paper.  It should be large enough for our staff to see the name. This needs to be placed on the driver’s side dashboard for our staff to see.  We ask that you do this every day.  We do not remember everyone’s last name (we do remember friendly faces).  We may also have various staff members assisting or substituting.  Please help us with this effort.  Cars will not be allowed around the back of the building until a staff member indicates that they may proceed.  If your child is not ready for you when you get to the front of the line, you will have to exit the lot, re-enter and then wait on line.  We encourage you to stagger the pick-up time.  The line is open until 3:30.

You will pass 3 exits along the way.  We ask that you proceed slowly and follow the stop patterns at these doors.  We need to ensure the safety of all students, parents and staff that are part of the Millington School family.

We encourage you to follow the same dismissal routine every day.  This will ensure that your child will not be in the wrong dismissal location.

Parent Volunteers

The following guidelines shall govern the service of school volunteers as per the Board Policy 1200:

  • Volunteers may serve only under the direction and supervision of an appropriately certified or licensed staff member;

  • Volunteers should clearly understand their duties and responsibilities and perform no service outside those duties;

  • Volunteers serve only in a support capacity; only appropriately certified or licensed staff members are responsible for educational planning and decisions and the teaching of new concepts;

  • Volunteers shall respect the individuality, dignity, and worth of each child;

  • Volunteers are not permitted to bring other children into the vicinity of the school due to liability reasons to the district during the school day;

  • Volunteers are not permitted access to pupil records;

  • Volunteers should exercise discretion in discussing their school activities with others in the community and must maintain confidential any information that if disclosed would violate Federal and State laws;

  • Volunteers may consult with the Principal regarding their duties and responsibilities; and

  • Volunteers shall receive no financial remuneration from the Board.

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