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6/12 - 5th Gr. Picnic (6/13 - Rain date)
6/17 & 6/18 - Dismissal at 1:25pm

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Important Information:

From the School Nurse:

Prior to Spring break, we had a number of cases of strep throat and flu here at Millington. Unfortunately, I am still getting a few reports of flu, and strep throat has returned to a number of classes in 2nd and 4th Grade. I have been told that resistant strep is circulating. That means that individuals are testing positive, completing their course of antibiotics, then strep returns because it was not completely eradicated with the first course of antibiotics.  It is the likely reason that we just can't get rid of it, in spite of increased cleaning here at school. If your child tests positive, please discuss with your doctor about getting your child re- tested shortly after they complete their antibiotics. Please note the symptoms that I mention below. The symptoms are not always a complaint of a sore throat. If your child tests positive, please let me know.

The usual signs of Strep Throat are a red sore throat and fever. In some instances the child may merely complain of a headache, stomach ache, and tiredness. The child’s throat may or may not appear red. White “patches” may or may not be present in the throat. Some other symptoms may include: rash, ear pressure, or difficulty in swallowing.

Dismissal EMAIL Notification:
If you need to communicate to the school about dismissal or changes to dismissal, please email Mrs. Pepe at [email protected], Mrs. Mathews at [email protected], Mrs. Freeman at [email protected] and the Homeroom Teacher.  If one or more staff members is absent, this ensures we get the email. Thank you.


Outside Recess - We intend to go outside for recess so please make sure students are prepared with a jacket, gloves and hat for cooler temperatures.  

Morning Drop Off
- We ask that parents stay in their lane.  We have noticed cars driving around other cars dropping off by the 4th and 5th grade door.  Please remain in your lane for safety reasons. There is enough room for two cars to drop off at both the 2nd and 3rd grade drop off and the 4th and 5th. Please pull up to the start of the drop off zone so the car behind you can unload as well.

Another option is to drop off in front of the school for a quick drop off.  Students must walk on the sidewalk to walk across the parking lot with a staff member assisting.  

Volunteer Opportunities - Please consider supporting and volunteering with both The Long Hill PTO and the Long Hill Education Foundation.  You can access both organizations through the Parent tab of the website. 

Millington Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures:
Millington Drop Off Pick Up.docx


Please make sure students bring in a refillable water bottle. We have refillable stations for them to fill up at.  If they lost it, make sure you remind them to check the lost and found.

Student Dismissal: 
Car Line 3:07 - The car line is open until 3:35 so please stagger your times.
Walkers will exit the building at 3:12 - Students can be picked up at the side gym door by a parent or they can exit and walk to the parent's car as an option. 
If your child has a change in dismissal, please send in a note to your child's teacher early in the day. Please include the child's first and last name as well as the homeroom tag.  If this is a late change during the school day, please email the teacher, office staff and the school nurse so we can ensure that someone saw the change in dismissal. 

School Start Time:

Students are expected to be in their Homeroom by 9:00 am.  Doors open at 8:45.  If you are dropping your child(ren) off or if they are walking, we recommend that they enter the school no later than 8:55 so they can be in the classroom, ready to begin the day at 9:00. Students not in the classroom by 9:00 will be marked late. 

Upcoming Dates/Events:

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